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PC SCOPE (虚拟示波器)
  • DSO-2090 USB(130)
  • DSO-2150 USB(109)
  • DSO-2250 USB(91)
  • DSO-5200 USB(80)
  • DSO-5200A USB(102)
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    Title Reward Answer quantity State Date Questioner
    1008c english201Asking15-01-24jimbrady1
    Why is english option greyed out? 1008C downloaded software201Asking15-01-08black_blad
    Where to get operating disc replacement for hantek2090201Asking15-01-06coldon
    Driver for DSO 2090 USB201Asking15-01-03ihouses
    DSO5200A Not Rendering in Win7 64bit1200Asking14-12-03yotta
    No after sales support of any kind available.200Asking14-11-23frustrated
    1008C trace locks up suspect USB port issue200Asking14-11-18frustrated
    1008c software locking up when I use HT 25 probe200Asking14-11-17frustrated
    DSO5200 how to data-log using SDK?400Asking14-10-16teknomage
    how do I change from DC coupling to AC coupling on dso1008c?200Asking14-10-14fitterman
    6022BL : Scope crash under Win 8.12000Asking14-09-13setaou
    where do I obtain drivers for dso 1008c for windows 8?201Asking14-09-12josephs
    Hantek6022BE.exe not working200Asking14-09-11herzogfran
    DSO 2090 ch 1 is gone due to overvoltage2000Asking14-09-09surgeon
    Drivers for Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) DSO-2150200Asking14-08-31inglewoodp
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