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Hantek 1008c driver not working
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Recently bought a Hantek 1008C. Install the CD that came with the device. Hook up usb to device and computer. Nothing comes up. Went into hardware wizard. Says it can't find driver. So there must be something wrong with the driver

I am using Wins 7 .

Additional:Still not working. Even downloaded the driver from your website

Additional:Still not working. Even downloaded the driver from your website
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Dear Sir,

Greeting from Hantek.

Please download the driver of Win7 from our website:
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Ok got it running. Installed CD and then install driver from hantek website. The 64driver(http://www.hantek.com/Product/Hantek1008/64Driver.zip). But first do whats below ((Got this from a website I searched on the internet. Thanks to whoever this person is))

Insert the supplied CD into your drive and let Windows run the auto-install program.

Install the software like normal, don’t plug in the USB cables yet for your device.

Do the whole Microsoft reboot thing.

Spend a couple of minutes thinking about something serene like a beautiful sunset, or wildflowers in bloom, or sitting on your Grandmother’s knee.

Plug in your Hantek USB cable to your computer, and the Hantek scope ... If this is a DSO3064 of any version, you should now plug in the power connector to the scope and to the AC power. If it is another model Hantek USB ‘scope you need plug in both the red and the black connectors. (The red one is for power and the black one for data).

Windows 7 will probably warn you that it can not find any drivers, but you knew that was coming which is why I am writing, and you are reading this blog. To see this warning watch for a little Tool Tip in the bottom right hand side of the screen ... it only lasts for a few seconds.

Now if you don’t have manager privileges on this computer grab your IT guy because you are going to need him (her).

Open the Windows Menu

Right Click on “Computer”

Choose Manage

Choose Device Manager

Look for the Unknown Device in the list and right click on it

Choose Install Driver Software

Don’t let Windows look for the driver, it has already proven it won’t find it. They did this on purpose!

Browse for the driver on the CD.

Choose the proper version, either the 32 bit version folder or the 64 bit version folder depending upon your Windows installation. The same drivers work for Windows 7 and Vista.

((( Also another. If you searching for the driver. Put it in a folder where it can be found :) )))

Tell it to install

Wait 30 to 40 seconds, it seems interminable, but it will finally finish.
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